Mizuno JPX800 Irons Might Still Enjoy The Easy To Use

17 Apr




Back in October, when we covered the launch of the JPX-800 Pros (as part of the new global JPX brand), a quote by Iver Maple revealed that the new JPX series is Mizuno’s biggest commitment to the game improvement category, ever.

Simply put, the JPX-800 irons utilize the world’s most advanced Game Improvement technologies to help the serious mid- to high-handicap player score like never before! The combination of the lower launch and increased spin rate gave me an increased amount of control and consistency in the club. Though the mizuno jpx 800 may be the first generation of what’s sure to be a great lineup for years to come, it certainly has its fair share of attractive technological features for being the first in its series. Not as easy to keep low as a blade or muscle back but that’s the trade off with the levels of launch and forgiveness that are on offer here. For more golf news, come here.

Mizuno designed the JPX 800’s with a low and deep center of gravity. As result, they produce a high ball flight which is great for a mid to high handicap player. In addition, the clubs are extremely forgiving. The pitching wedge is set at a 45 degree loft, so around a degree or 2 stronger than most forged irons and you will want to consider that when matching up your gap and sand wedges when you grab a set. The JPX 800 discount golf clubs sale does a great job of maintaining the classic look and feel of a better players’iron while incorporating much more forgiveness than ever before. While the JPX 800 irons target a mid to high handicap player, low handicap players might still enjoy the easy to use them as well.

With the JPX-800 new golf clubs, I can easily get to 150 yards with an 8 iron. So the JPX-800s are easily one club longer than the MX-900s.



Mizuno MP60 Irons Take The Lead So Far For Impressive Terminology

15 Apr



True, I’ve enjoyed the looks of the irons, but the fondness I’ve developed for the MP-60’s goes much deeper than what you see on the surface.

The Mizuno MP-60 Irons are pretty much right on the money in terms of accuracy and distance is actually very good, especially for blades. It is very easy to work the ball with these irons and they are an absolute joy to hit. The mizuno mp60 has a very traditional“blade-like”look and features the Mizuno Grain Flow Forged construction. Mizuno has always been known for their quality forged products and this iron is no excpetion. The True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft is a perfect fit in this iron and most players will find no need to upgrade here. Building upon the award-winning success of cut muscle design, the Mizuno product development team evolved this game changing technology to now include forgiveness. More golf reviews, come here.

The MP-60’s‘story’begins with its predecessor the MP-32 Irons, which had won the aforementioned Golf Digest‘Hot List’award for 2005. The mizuno mp 60 irons take the lead so far for impressive terminology. These include a technology called Cut Muscle “not something I would imagine you want during a round of golf, but these days we’ll take whatever we can if it helps our game” and modified u-grooves, which sounds like something you can use in a Street Fighter game. Criticism of these clubs is thin on the ground; the recommendation that they are for lower-handicap players is less of a criticism and more like general advice. Put it this way if your handicap isn’t in the single digits you should probably keep looking. If you’re a decent player and a good ball striker you might want to treat yourself and have a look at these ones! See more golf news, come to the golf365.

The offset is minimal and this helps the better player to work the ball. The True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts work great and help keep the ball flight fairly low. Just remember this iron isn’t for everyone. Any new golf clubs to recommend?


Titleist 710 MB Irons Provide More Mass Behind The Impact Area

12 Apr



Keeping with its austere clubs for austere golfer roots, Titleist introduces the new Titleist MB artificial irons featuring bigger feel and looks.

The titleist 710 mb is a Titleist’s new muscle back blade design that appears to have mass reduced below the top line and repositioned closer to the sole. The MB style of irons are a bit tougher to hit out of long grass, so I don’t recommend these for someone who isn’t used to the smaller club head style of a blade. MB irons feature a uniform muscle shape that provides more mass behind the impact area to achieve the quintessential soft, solid feel. 710 MB Irons are ambience its bottom on golf clubs, and they accomplish excellently. High performance, tour-proven shaft provides amateur adopted feel, weight acknowledgment and attack control.

The MB are classic muscle back forged irons that deliver the looks, feel and performance highly-skilled players demand. There is not a lot of paint or wording on these irons which I believe makes them look even better. I am a huge fan of these clubs, and there is no reason not to be. Looks of the titleist mb 710 irons are rated at an 11/10. Yeah, they are that nice. The classic design and traditional feel and responsiveness of the new MB irons will please even the most adamant traditional iron enthusiasts. The connected brand breadth with basal accelerating account for above attack authoritative with the narrow, cambered sole with optimized animation angles provides brittle contact. It’s till an archetypal brand architecture actual apple-pie and simple so apprehend a lot of PGA players to be antic this archetypal on the big Tour.

Titleist is the type of company that you pay for what you get. The 710 MB golf clubs sets are beautifully designed and forged, and are worth every penny if you have the right game to play them.

TaylorMade R11S Driver As Significantly Longer Than Its Predecessor

10 Apr




Based on what I’ve seen out on the course lately – the TaylorMade R11S is shaping up to be the hottest golf club of the year.


The TaylorMade r11s driver, the next generation of the R11 features plenty of innovation on the 460 cc club head design. Similar to any TaylorMade wood these days, the R11s features an all white crown with black clubface. Raising eyebrows, TaylorMade launched an ad campaign that basically focused on its own product as the primary competition, touting the R11S as significantly longer than its predecessor, the original taylormade r11 driver. Great sounding driver which most TM drivers are. Sounds and feels the same as my R11 which I personally like. No tings and not muted more of an in between sound. Very pleasant. While all of the adjustable drivers feel a bit different between settings the R11S feels truly adjustable.

For me personally, the taylormade r11s driver was longer than any of the three drivers I had been rotating through my bag at the time. My primary gripe with the R11s is in my ability to swing it consistently. I chalk this up to its slightly longer length, which promotes distance but can rob you of the ability to control it. It’s solid, and when you catch it on the screws the ball simply explodes. The sound is quite different than the high pitched ding of many drivers on the market, although for some reason the sound didn’t quite match up with the feel, sounding a tad more high pitched than I would have expected. FOR MORE GOLF NEWS, CLICK THE mygolfspy.com.

TaylorMade continues it’s‘R’series of drivers with the new r11 driver, the most notable change is the most visible one, its new white paint job, but TaylorMade also continues to strive for increased configurability. The ominous white paint job offers a very distinct look that contributes to its mystique but at the end of the day it is just a paint job, the shape of the club head is much like the R9 with a pointed cone shape.


R1 Driver Is Something We Have Come To Expect From TaylorMade

8 Apr

TaylorMade thinks that 80% of golfers out there today are using the wrong loft for their driver to get optimum performance hence the reason why the loft can be changed by a click of a button to suit your needs.

As well as loft the taylormade r1 driver allows you to change the face position of the driver using a dial built into the base of the driver which can be changed with up to 7 settings from 4 degrees open to 4 degrees closed, this level of club customisation was something that Taylor Made were keen to deliver golfers when designing the R1. Simplification is a word I’ve heard tossed around by several different OEMs already this year, and it looks like TaylorMade has decided to join that movement. A couple of other noteworthy features include a crown graphic design to aid you to square the face of the ball accurately and Aldila RIP Phenom 55-gram shaft that is ultra-light for faster clubhead speed – and that’s not including how this golf club look so aesthetically desirable, which is something we have come to expect from TaylorMade.

The feel of the club is exceptional, like most of TaylorMade’s drivers, the R11S feels very comfortable in your hands. The five face angles are made possible by the improved ASP Technology of the R11S are neutral, slightly open, open, slightly closed and closed. The ASP is a red adjustable plate found on the sole of the club. This is the only adjustable driver I’ve played with this year where the adjustability seems to have a noticeable impact between the different settings. While all of the adjustable drivers feel a bit different between settings the R11S feels truly adjustable. Raising eyebrows, TaylorMade launched an ad campaign that basically focused on its own product as the primary competition, touting the taylormade r11s driver as significantly longer than its predecessor, the original R11. You do get good feedback on mishits, which makes it easier to adjust the next time you hit the golf ball. The carry distance was adequate, but not remarkable.

The R11s has a solid representation at all levels, including the Professional Tours. The price tag will scare some players away and the golf club sets for sale here is an excellent alternative from TaylorMade.



Callaway FT9 Draw Driver Looks Very Good And More “Powerful” At Address

3 Apr



All golf players may know that the great, by Callaway golf is that they offer two versions of their Callaway drivers; the standard version is designed for average golf player with lighter weight and a little softer shafts.

Face design and Insert gives callaway ft-i draw driver the best sound of all the composite drivers that have come out. Club sets up square a little open on Tour models, making the shape bullet a little less odd on the address. Callaway has made a shaft switch with these new drivers, moving from the Aldila NVS that was the stock offering on the FT-3 to a pair of shafts from Fujikura. Callaway FT-9 draw Driver has aswell congenital some of the technology that has had success with added models that accept been appear in two years, back FT-5 was released. As with previous FT drivers, FT-9 features the opti-fit of the weighting system, this year there are only two weight positions offered, a neutral or draw bias. The first thing that people will notice with FT-9 compared with FT-5 is the elongated body. Draw bias positions against the heel of the head weight to promote a faster release of the club head to fix a slice or promote a draw. See more golf reviews, click here.

Unlike past FT models, the callaway ft-9 draw driver looks very good and more ‘powerful’ at address. The thick titanium top line has been reduced and we think this is a style that will appeal to a wider audience than Callaway diehards. But despite being a club that’s quite easy to work, we found the overall accuracy and forgiveness of the FT9 to be quite reliable. The performance was relatively similar to the FT5 Callaway Driver, and a good amount of straight towering drives were there to be seen. The FT9 was more classic in appearance. It almost utterly disguises the technology under the hood. I say that because it is still a beast but doesn’t have the offensive sounds, or appearance we associate with ‘geometric’, technology based drivers. In our opinion this is a very good quality for a golf club to have. It can be extremely annoying a lot of the time, to both you and your playing partners, when you use a driver that makes a lot of noise at impact. But that isn’t a problem that you’d have with using the FT9.

The FT lines are really suitable golf clubs for men. You should seize this opportunity!

All You Have Got To Do With The Callaway Razr X Black Irons Is Step Up

20 Mar

If your iron play is decent, the best choice out there is the Callaway RAZR X Black Iron Steel Single Club.

The technology applied to Callaway RAZR X Black Irons is innovative and advanced as compared to older models. Each callaway razr x black irons steel single club is created with dual core properties. So expect a perfect balance of precision, distance and ball speed. Why? Every time you use this club, it will give you a sense of power in a way because you will be launching shots left and right. You will be surprised how good your play will be. When these irons are utilized on the course, you can create a consistent game. These clubs are designed to give you an incredible feel, a controlled ball shot, an accurate distance and a relatively big amount of forgiveness on miss-hits. It is designed with a wide-sole property but is still very playable like a thin-soled club. The Callaway RAZR X Black Iron Steel Club gives you the confidence you need in your every game. No matter what type of shot you need, with a Callaway RAZR X Black Single Club in hand, all you have got to do is step up, swing the club and hit the ball.


The Callaway RAZR X irons are made for feel, even though Callaway states that these clubs were designed for performance as well. The technology placed in these clubs is going to revolutionize the way irons are manufactured. The head can be felt through the swing allowing the golfer to make corrections in his swing or stop his motion once he or she realizes that their swing plane is a little off. Experienced golfers may not want to use these callaway razr x irons because they do provide a limited amount of workability, like most irons with a larger sweet spot. You still get good distance and a lot of feel from these clubs. Upon contact you get some good feedback and lose little distance on mishits. The looks are a little difficult to get used to. Primarily because they feel like a thin-sole iron, but have a wide-sole. A great club for the beginning golfer that has learned how to strike the golf ball. Read Callaway golf news by the link.

The forgiveness found in these irons are unmatched by very many other irons on the market, which makes these RAZR irons one of the best for beginning to mid-handicap golfers. The weight of the irons is equally distributed for a wide-sole iron, but playability is still maintained. Beginning golfers moving to the next skill level will find these irons a good club to move into, while mid-handicappers will be able to start working the ball a little more than they were used to. The golf clubs on sale Callaway RAZR irons are made with a wide sole, but give you the feel of a thin-sole iron, which most better golfers prefer. Because of the weight distribution, you think you are using a tour iron, but with the forgiveness a wide-sole iron provides you. These are the only irons that compare the closest to the TaylorMade RocketBallz irons. The wide-sole can be seen upon address, which makes you feel like they will be a little heavier than they are.

In all, these clubs are great. A little heavier than my Big Bertha 2008 irons, which suits me better.